Welcome to High Desert Photographers!

Come join us for water drops!.

When: This Thursday, October 10

Where:  747 E 1000 N, Shelley, ID 83274-5219 (Shoot location is in the Big Shop around back of the house at this location.)

What Time: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


No photo description available.

Camera Settings

Shutter speed needs to be around 1/2500. Aperture needs to be around f/8. ISO can be adjusted for the light and could go as high as 6400 if needed (exact settings will need to be adjusted based on how the barn is when we get there). WB has a big impact on these photos, we will have to test out what WB works best. We will put something in the container of water, use autofocus to get the focus correct, then switch to manual focus. If you use a tripod, remember to turn vibration control OFF.


70-200mm; kit lens; 150-600mm or 200-500mm; Prime lenses (35-85mm); Macro lenses work great! BUT there is a risk of water splashing on them, so if you use a macro, realize that HDP and Doug Havens are not liable if it gets water damage. (we are not liable if any lens gets damaged, but is easiest to imagine a macro lens getting a few drops of water on it, although I have not gotten any on mine while practicing for this)

In other words, almost any lens can be used. I prefer the 70-200, since it has the fixed Fstop of 2.8. That is the bottom line—bring the lens with the largest aperture.


Tripods help a lot! Mini-tripods could also be useful

Guests are always welcome!

For photographers of all levels.
Meetings are on the second and fourth Thursday of each month.
7:00 - 9:00 p.m.


Perfect Light Camera Store
2169 E 17th Street, Idaho Falls, Idaho


The purpose of the High Desert Photographers Club is to assist its members in improving their photographic skills through fellowship and involvement in club activities. High Desert Photographers is an excellent forum for expanding your vision as a photographer, learning new techniques, and sharing your work. Have fun learning from other highly experienced digital photographers, image editors, and printers. We offer anonymous critiques as well as photography workshops and field trips.

Join us as our guest to see for yourself how this process can inspire and assist you. The Club is serious about photography and open to new talent.


We chose a wide variety of programs to cover throughout the year and include special guest speakers, technique nights, and field trips.  We have enjoyed lectures on composition, exposure, etc., after which members are encouraged to ask any questions which they may have concerning the subject matter of the night.


The 2nd meeting of the month is dedicated to photo critique. The Photo Critique night provides the opportunity to receive an informal critique of your photographs. Feedback from varying perspectives enriches the discussion - we won't always agree! The group is open to members of all levels - whether you're just starting out and want guidance on basic structure of your photos - strength and weaknesses or figuring out how to proceed - or you want input on choosing the strongest images, their sequencing, etc. for a show or portfolio. 

Members may submit two photos. Photos should be emailed by 10:00 p.m. the night before to: webmaster@highdesertphotographers.com. Please size them no larger than 1920 px and 200 dpi.


Browse our website and learn more about membership and our competitions. Our Membership Information page provides details on our club. We suggest you come and visit us at one of our meetings on the second or fourth Thursday of each month, except in November and December. We would be happy to show you what we do. 


There are no restrictions on joining our club, you only need to be interested in photography. You don't even need to own a camera. Maybe you are retired and only enjoy the social aspect of the club or enjoy viewing the images entered by other members. Membership information can be found under the Organization tab.

  Click here for the  HDP Photography Club Facebook site


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